Welcome to PA Women’s Cycling

3 Feb

Our Purpose
The PCA Women’s Racing Committee was formed in 2007 better coordinate and promote a cohesive and inclusive program for women’s racing for all categories in PA. Its goals are to 1) communicate with women racers; 2) increase women’s participation at races; 3) coordinate with PCA and race clubs/promoters to ensure equitable opportunities for women; and, 4) advocate for races that are both challenging and rewarding.

How We Operate
The women’s racing committee functions as an electronic committee. All of our business is conducted online and is ad-hoc in nature (meaning we don’t have a regular schedule of communication). We encourage folks to participate as they wish. Comments/feedback/tasks are deadline driven, and failure to provide your input, vote or thoughts by the deadline assumes agreement/support. It is our goal to create an open, respectful and productive dialogue among women racers to improve women’s racing in PA. Everyone’s experience and contribution is valued.

Keep checking into this new site to stay up-to-date with the new Women’s Racing Calendar, Women’s Racing Series, upcoming Clinics, and more!

PA Women’s Cycling Committee

Beth Fayant – Team Skyline

Karen Tourian – Guy’s Racing

Valerie Gould – Guy’s Racing

Cassandra King – Tri State Velo

Camille Durocher – QCW


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