2012 PA Women’s Cycling Made Real series winners

Andy from Revolution Wheelworks presents new wheelsets to cat 3 winner Jacqueline McClure and cat 4 winner Jody Frank


Women’s Elite State Road Race Podium

2012PAW123RRPodiumCongrats Dana, Patty and Cheri

Post Race with Kim at Lower Providence

Despite the cold and rain, 14  women lined up for the cat 4 race at Lower Providence.  Kim Geist followed the race and met with the participants for a discussion after the race.

Naval Yard Clinic w/Kim Geist

Coach Kim Geist takes participants through drills before the Naval Yard Clinic

 2011 Wheels Presentation

Andy of Revolution Wheelworks presents Laura and Jackie with their new wheels.


Post Race Cat. 4 Women’s Clinic with Brian Walton

At the Liberty Crit Cat. 4 racers were given the unique opportunity of having Brian Walton ride behind their race, and then meet for a post race clinic.

2011 Series Leaders!


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